And so it begins...


It’s more than two years since the idea of my own photography website made it’s way into my head. My son was not yet born and my photography was exclusively digital. I was happily shooting along with my 5D Mark III but the more serious I became with regards to the process of taking pictures the more I was looking for a stripped down, easy to use camera that gave me all manual control as easy as possible. At that stage, a stupid expensive Leica M9 entered my life. That was one year later and from there I went in short succession to analogue medium and 35mm format photography. It was then, resarching the wast areas of black and white film development, that the idea of not only making my own homepage but to accompany my analogue progress by means of a blog as well. Of course nothing happened. Like so many of us, I was hesitating, reluctant to put myself out there in the wild. A nagging seed was planted, constantly reminding me of my plans everytime I developed another roll of film.

In May 2019 I discovered the sunny16podcast (visit their homepage here) and was hooked. It’s largely on them, that I am now writing on my own homepage, two years since I first had this idea.

See you soon, Marcus

Marcus Nehls